Askia is a Female Cameroonian Rap & Pop artist, often described as the Goddess of Rap. Born in June 1994, Karin Askia S. Orinji originates from the Oroko ethnic group in the South West region of Cameroon. 

She’s been through a lot of dejection. She had a difficult childhood, she has been body-shamed and gone through derision and rejection. She has successfully fought to gain good self-esteem and find a way of coping with the downside of life.

With over 8 Years of Career, 3 Albums, and several singles and collaborations, including top songs like Ngar Ma, and “Qu’est ce qui n’a pas marche” Through her music she has transformed from having a dismal past, being a drug addict to advocating against drug abuse and building people’s self-worth. She has transformed her low self-esteem into absolute confidence and self-acceptance. 

As life would have it, Her childhood was not an easy one but her determination pushed her through. Between 2007 – 2012, Askia became affiliated with Buea-based Trackzone Records owned by Subzee (DJ Xionic). She was mentored by the producer and inspired by other rappers like MD, and DA Breeze, amongst others. She honed her creativity as a songwriter and rapper in Trackzone.

At Seme Beach on Saturday 24th November 2012 after performing at Mboa Hip Hop Awards, she was proposed a deal by a Douala-based label Bogosse. Their working relationship was ephemeral.

In 2013, she bagged a record deal with Sieni Brothers and made her official debut with “Tat’ Obasseh” directed by Mr Adrenaline. The video was launched on Friday, 15th November 2014 at Dream Lounge, Buea. This ushered her into the music scene. On March 25th, 2014, she released “Allez les lions” featuring J Millie of Fluri Boys. Her contract with Sieni Brothers was short-lived. 

She moved to Mutumbu Records. Under the label, she released “Under Construction” mixtape, “No Worry”, “Feel My’ , “Panda remix” and “Welcome 4 Kwata” featuring Skidi Boy. She parted ways with the label in 2016

In January 2017, she entered a working relationship with Alpha Better Records to join Salatiel, Mr. Leo, and Blaise B . She released “Ma Valeur” in October 2017.  Askia collaborated with Alpha Better teammates on “Qu’est-ce qui n’a pas marché” and a Christmas tune “Higher. Higher”. In 2018, Askia parted ways with the label. 

In 2019 She embarked on a project dubbed the “Bag series” with the objective to empower women in the music scene. This involved Mihney, Ewube, Yung Meagan, Gasha, Dyonce etc. She joined forces with Tino Foy to organize a successful “Bag Concert” at Lycee Polyvalent Bonaberi. 

January 2023, she signed into LIONN PRODUCTIONS LTD owned by Mr.Leo, and under the label she’s worked on a whole lot of projects the first project titled “LÀ LÀ” was released on Friday, June 23rd, 2023.

Artiste Statement

If you believe you can make a change, Never give up. Stay focused. God will see you through. It is not over yet. 


  • Tat Obese (Single) – 2014
  • Addiction – 2020 – SABUC
  • Mami Bakala – 2018.
  • Lets Talk – 2019
  • Bag Series 1 (2020)

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Label & Management

  • Label: Lionn Productions LTD (2023 – Present)
  • Publisher: Lionn Productions LTD
  • Management: Mutumbu Agency
  • Bookings: Mutumbu Agency

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