Lionz Academy

Founded in 2021 by leading Cameroonian artist Mr Leo, the Lionz Academy is in initiative to provide education and capacity building for both basic level and professional acceleration & integration for performers and industry professions in Cameroon.

Our programs include

  • Introduction to Music Business (1 Month Training)
  • Introduction to music performance (1 Month Training)
  • Creative Residence Program for Recording & Live Acts (1 Month)
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship Program (1 Month)
  • Workshops (Once a month)

Each year we send out a call for applications for each program, and we select the most promising participants to offer them the best possible training and institutional support available in our market.

Since our creation, we have trained 45 young people in Music Performace, Business and or Project Management, supported 5 new talents through our residence program for recording and live performances, and more than 100 through our workshops.

Our current partners include; The Canada High Commission in Cameroon, Local Youth Corner, Mutumbu Agency, & The Festival Institut (Malawi).


Fonyuy Nsobunrika Leoanrd – Board Chair

Divine Verkijika – Managing Director

Othniel Mombel – Creative Director and Dean of Studies

Nadine Gerard – Public Relations Officer

Sandy Insandy – Executive Assistant


+237 651 259 884 


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