Princess Vinia

Princess Vinia – Cameroonian artist from Nso. Born Mbivwong Virginia Birlaf well known as Princess Vinia hails from Kumbo in the north west region of Cameroon central Africa. She’s a singer , songwriter and a cultural promoter of indigenous sounds.

Her grace and vibrancy projects the rich ethnic music from Nso.Her serene vocals resonate with her flair of cultural displays and glamorous stage presence.

Princess Vinia started music at her early age in secondary school choir and was also a member of the Nso Bahti women association choir. 

She is a model who promotes culture through modelling ,in the year 2019 she emerged winner at the Miss Mama Africa modelling contest. In  the year 2020 she was an Ex- biggy 237 ( THE GAME CHANGER).she was also invited at the KINTATI ARTS AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL (KACFEST) at the national museum Yaounde February 2023 ,where she performed alongside with Artist e.g Chilli wawaye, Mr Leo, tribute sister, Asaba, kingsly-t and Muss, that same year on March April she was invited by the CAMEROON MUSIC EVOLUTION AWARDS (CMEA) at the Krystal palace hotel to perform. September 2023 she emerged winner at the ROYAL CITY MUSIC COMPETITION (RCMC) here in douala. Princess Vinia is now doing a course on music performance at the lionn music academy here in douala to made a difference when it comes to her identity as an entertainer in the music industry and to be as professional as ever 

Since the exposure through LIONZ ACADEMY, princess Vinia has metamorphosed into another dimension, a force to recon with in the rich cultural indigenous sound genre.

Writing and recording her latest album/project has been a priority to her since she stopped all other activities in her artistic and inartistic field to concerntrate with hopes to release soonest. She sees this album/ project as a culmination of many years of cultural historical experiences and past events depicting the true identity of the people of Nso.